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With current social distancing protocols, I am doing prerecorded video and Zoom lectures only. Please email me at to enquire about licensing one of my lectures for your event or organization. Some, but not all, of the topics listed below are available in video/Zoom form.

Fees vary depending on the lecture. For a complete list with fees please email me at

Solo lecture-concerts:

For a one-hour talk with live music (I play guitar and sing), I offer these topics. For groups larger than 50 or so, I require a microphone and sound system. Please email me for details.

The Leonard Cohen Story

The George Gershwin Story

The Cole Porter Story

The Elvis Presley Story

The Hoagy Carmichael Story

The Duke Ellington Story

The Richard Rodgers Story

The Motown Story

The Bob Dylan Story

The Pete Seeger Story

The Irving Berlin Story

The Birth of the Beatles


The Beatles: The Later Years

The 'Fats' Waller Story

The Nat 'King' Cole Story

Great Songs of the Folk Revival

Folk Music in 1960s Yorkville

The Simon and Garfunkel Story

One-Hit Wonders

The Elton John Story

The James Taylor Story

The Carole King Story

The Elvis Presley Story

The Aretha Franklin Story

Lectures with audio-visual content:

For a one-hour talk with video, pictures and recorded music, I offer these topics. For these presentations I require a large video screen or projector with a sound system sufficient for the group size.

The Life and Music of:

(pick one)

Joni Mitchell

Aretha Franklin

Barbra Streisand

Judy Garland

Al Jolson

Louis Armstrong

Carole King

Bing Crosby

Billie Holiday

Ella Fitzgerald

Bob Dylan

Other topics with video and sound:

The Toronto Sound of the 1960s

The Yorkville Sound of the 1960s

Way Down Yonder In New Orleans: The Genesis of Jazz

Crossover Dreams: Motown Records in the 1960s

Tin Pan Alley: The Art and Business of the Popular Song

Klezmer and Jazz

Custom topics may be available upon request. Email me at for details.