Upcoming: I'll be leading a course called Words and Music: Joni Mitchell at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema in the fall for their Curious Minds series. The course runs from October 15 to November 19 on Monday mornings at 10. More information and signup details can be found at this link.

I deliver lectures (usually one hour with an optional question-and-answer) all over the Greater Toronto Area. I do two types of lecture: a talk with live music or a talk with projected video and sound.

For a one-hour talk with live music (I play guitar and sing), I offer these topics:

The Life and Music of:
(pick one)

  • Leonard Cohen

  • George Gershwin

  • Cole Porter

  • Hoagy Carmichael

  • Duke Ellington

  • Richard Rodgers

  • Jimmy Van Heusen

  • Bob Dylan

  • Pete Seeger

  • The Beatles: The Birth of the Beatles (up to 1964)

  • The Beatles: Beatlemania (1962-66)

  • The Beatles: The Later Years (1966-70)

  • 'Fats' Waller

  • Nat King Cole

  • Great Songs of the Folk Revival

  • Irving Berlin

  • Simon and Garfunkel (two performers, higher fee)

For a one-hour talk with video, pictures and recorded music (I need a video projector with screen as well as access to a sound system), I offer these topics:

The Life and Music of:
(pick one)

  • Joni Mitchell

  • Elvis Presley

  • Barbra Streisand

  • Judy Garland

  • Al Jolson

  • Louis Armstrong

  • Carole King

  • Bing Crosby

  • Billie Holiday

  • Ella Fitzgerald

  • Bob Dylan

Other topics with video and sound:

Crossover Dreams: Motown Records in the 1960s
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans: The Genesis of Jazz
Tin Pan Alley: The Art and Business of the Popular Song
Brother and Sister Acts: The Mills Brothers, The Boswell Sisters and the Andrews Sisters
The Banana Man and the Stooge: Comic double acts on early discs and cylinders
How Big Band Swing Won The War
Klezmer and Jazz

I also teach courses - between six and ten lectures in duration. Some of my topics include:

  • Jazz 101

  • The Beatles and Their World

  • Words and Music: Bob Dylan

  • Words and Music: Joni Mitchell

  • Words and Music: Leonard Cohen

  • The Rock and Roll Era

  • The Great Popular Singers

  • An Introduction to Folk Music

  • Country, Bluegrass and Old-Time Music

  • Blues Music 

  • The Music of New Orleans

Contact me at mikedaley@gmail.com for rates and availability.