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Revolver - The Beatles; Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys; Tapestry - Carole King; The Band - The Band; Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel

In this new video lecture series, Dr. Mike Daley (The Beatles And Their World, The 1960s In Sixty Songs, How Music Works) undertakes a deep dive into five classic LPs with his usual careful research and engaging style. Mike tells the story of each album's creation, fits it into the currents of the times, and discusses each song in detail. Packed with information and insight, The Classic Albums Vol. 1 casts new light on some of the most beloved albums of all time. Each lecture is pre-recorded, from 90 minutes to over 2 hours in length. The links don't expire, and you can download the video or simply watch it online, Netflix-style, at any time.

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