Since 2016 I have been researching the music scene of the Yorkville neighbourhood in Toronto in the 1950s and 60s. This has included extensive documentary research and over 100 interviews. I am looking for the following people, who may have something to add to the story and I have not been able to locate. If you are, or know how to contact any of these people, please email me at mikedaley AT Thank you.

Monique Lips - co-owner of Chez Monique

Eric Stettler - co-owner of Chez Monique

Art Ayre - musician

Andy Cree - musician

Bill Klotzhoff - manager of the Half Beat

Brian Walker - manager of the Penny Farthing

John Morley - owner of the Village Corner

Roy Davies - owner of the Village Corner

Doug Bush - musician

John Smith - musician

David Campbell - musician

Jim McCarthy - musician